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X-Plane 10 Graphics Known Issues

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This is a list of some bugs we already know about and are working on at this time.

See X-Plane 10 Graphics Card Support for a list of supported graphics cards.

For command line work-arounds see Using_Command-Line_Options.



Crash on Quadro/DX11/Fermi hardware on OS X

This appears to be a driver bug. To work-around, start X-Plane from the command line like this: --no_fbo_minify


Hang on startup with NVidia hardware

Be sure drivers are current; some users are able to work around by uninstalling or disabling the following programs:** Matrox Powerdesk

  • Omnipage OCR
  • TeamViewer

A few users have also managed to run by changing their multi-monitor configuration.

We do not have work-arounds for all users; we are further investigating this bug now.

Green and blue artifacts all over the place with various shadow settings on NVidia/Windows hardware

This appears to be a driver bug (works in 280.26, broken in 285.62, works in 290.36 beta).  We are investigating now; in the meantime, you can use the 280.26 or 290.36 beta drivers.

Poor performance on high-end ATI video cards

This is something we are still working on now and hope to fix in an X-Plane update.

Ghosting and startup screen in the sky on Intel HD GPUs

This appears to be a bug in the driver - run from the command line with --no_fbo_blit to work around like this.

X-Plane.exe --no_fbo_blit


Crash on start with Gallium/MESA drivers on Linux

We only support the proprietary NV/ATI drivers on Linux.