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Laminar Research Scenery Tools

These utilities are packaged with instructions and the executable files, separately zipped/stuffed for Macintosh and Windows. Be sure to check the links to various third party tools!

All of Laminar Research's scenery tools are open source; you can learn how to get the source code here.

Scenery Utilities

Download: (Mac Windows Linux)

This download contains the latest versions of a number of small tools: DSF2Text, ObjView, ObjConverter, DDSTool, and MeshTool 1.0.

Version: April 2008


Download: (Mac Windows Linux)

WorldEditor (WED) is a CAD-like graphic editor that lets you create custom airport layouts. WED is available under an open-source license. See the code section to download a repository of the source code repository.

Version: 1.0

AC3D 6.1 X-Plane Plugin

Download: (Mac Windows Linux)

This plugin enables AC3D to read and write OBJ files. AC3D 6.1 or newer is required. This is the new version of the plugin which supports visual editing of animation. Please note that the one zip file contains both the Mac and Win plugins.

Version: 3.2.1

AC3D 5.0 X-Plane Plugin (OLD)

Download: (Mac Windows Linux)

AC3D 5.0 is required. This is the older version of the plugin for use with older versions of AC3D; if you have AC3D 6.1 or newer, get the newer version of the AC3D plugin! Please note that the one zip file contains both the Mac and Win plugins.

Version: 2.1


Download: (Mac Windows Linux)

MeshTool 2.0 is a major overhaul of MeshTool, fixing stability issues and adding a number of new options and features for creating meshes.

Version: 2.0r6

WorldEditor 1.1 (BETA)

Download: (Mac Windows Linux)

WED 1.1 adds overlay editing to WorldEditor. This is a beta build - be careful, as the program is still in beta, can crash, and you may lose data.

Version: 1.1b4

A warning about beta tools: some of these tools are beta software. That means they are not fully functional and may contain bugs. If you do not need the latest features, consider using the released tools instead. If you do want to try these tools, please understand that they are pre-release test software, which we are sharing to get user feedback and testing time.

Third Party Tool Links

Jonathan Harris has developed a set of export scripts for Blender, a free, powerful 3-d modeler:

Ondrej Brinkel is developing an addon for the new Blender 2.5x:

Andrew McGregor has developed some scripts to convert ENVs to DSF: