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The main X-Plane scenery development website is: There you will find tools, file formats, tutorials, etc. We are in the process of transitioning the website, so some documentation is on this Wiki, while others are on

Scenery Tools

Download free software to make scenery for X-Plane.


Online manuals for the various scenery tools.


Step by step guides to making scenery for X-Plane.

File Format Specifications

Specifications for the scenery file formats used by X-Plane


Information on how to develop your own scenery tools, source code, etc.

Be sure to also check out the X-Plane Scenery Blog for articles and notes on the scenery system.


The following articles are divided into four groups. Each group builds on the one(s) before it; for instance, articles in the third group assume you have read both the first and the second groups.

Read These First

These are the absolute essentials, and should be read as a whole before moving on to any other scenery docs.

Getting Started with X-Plane Scenery
Anatomy of the X-Plane Scenery System

For Users New to the Scenery System

This is all of the knowledge that the average person would need to customize their favorite airports with objects, orthophotos, and so on.

General Airport Data Art and 3-D Stuff
Tutorials for New Users About Airport Boundaries Facade Overview
Scenery System for MSFS Developers Correctly Forming Taxiways and Junctions Z-Buffer
Prioritization Finishing and Distributing Scenery A Note on Art Assets
World Editor manual Packages The Library System
Scenery System Frequently Asked Questions Scenery Package Organization Using the Library System
The X-Plane Library System

For Advanced Scenery Authors

This is for authors who really want delve in deep in customizing their scenery.

General Art and 3-D Stuff Performance
Tutorials for Advanced Users OBJ Overview Performance Tuning and Scenery
Scenery System Version History Normal Maps Calculating Rendering Load
DataRefEditor Creating Animated Objects with AC3D 6.1 DSF Information
Using Transparent Surfaces About Overlays
Controlling Draw Order DSF Overview


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