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Welcome to the X-Plane wiki! Over time, this wiki will become populated full of useful and interesting information on how to install, use, and troubleshoot X-Plane. Feel free to fill in pages as you like.

Tech Support

Trouble shooting, tech support information, HOW-TOs, and downloads of the latest installers.

Aircraft Development

Documentation on how to create aircraft and panels.

Scenery Development

Documentation, links and tutorials on how to create scenery for X-Plane.


The X-Plane Plugin SDK Wiki contains downloads, documentation and sample code for the X-Plane plugin API. The SDK has its own wiki - the link above goes to that wiki.


Instructions for translating X-Plane into other languages.

Online Manual

A Wikified version of the X-Plane manuals.

Other Useful Pages

  • All Pages - This link alphabetically lists all of the page titles in this wiki.
  • All Categories - This link alphabetically lists all of the categories in this wiki.

How to Use This Wiki

This wiki operates similarly to Wikipedia, which uses the same software (MediaWiki) as this wiki. Simply create an account, sign in, and start editing. The general idea behind a wiki is that it is community developed and maintained. Please don't be alarmed if someone re-factors content you have submitted, and use the discussion pages to attempt to resolve any conflicting issues.